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Pyxis acknowledges and thanks the following Founding Sponsors, for their support of our vision and providing the leaders making our association a reality:

Pyxis also is grateful for the support of the following company:


Pyxis Sponsorship/Marketing Opportunities 

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Our Website

  • A great way to have your message seen by IT Professionals and the general public.
  • A resource for members and IT Professionals across the nation.
  • Banner Ads and Rotating Company Logo Placement Opportunities available. 

Banner Ads – Seen on every page of the website, and directly linked to your website.
1 year - $1,500.00

Rotating Company Logo – A featured box that will showcase your company’s logo and linked to your website.
1 year - $500.00

Job Bank – Find the qualified professional you need by posting a listing in our new online job bank.
30 days - $50.00
60 days – $75.00
90 days - $100.00

Professional Development Sponsorships

Pyxis offers several ways that your company can support the professional development work of this new and exciting association.

Founding PD Sponsor - $5,000.00
Sponsor will be acknowledged on all professional development promotional materials,  provided a website banner advertisement and publicly introduced at all PD events (virtual and live). Additionally, the sponsor would have the opportunity to send an e-blast message to the membership.

Article/Web Resource Sponsor - $2,500.00
This sponsorship option allows a company to contribute relevant and insightful content or material to the online presence and membership resources of Pyxis. We are looking for exciting new looks into IT and service management.  Sponsor logo and acknowledgement will be prominently featured on the content page(s).

Webinar Sponsor - $1,000.00
Sponsor’s logo will be featured on all event promotional materials and on website event listing. Sponsor will be provided with a slide for logo or advertisement to be shown at beginning of webinar, as well as acknowledged at beginning and end of presentation.