Our Vision

Mission Statement

Pyxis is a United States-based not-for-profit professional association that acts as a unifier by bringing IT industry and other related business functions together to advance careers, standards, and performance through leadership, networking, education, training and innovation.  Pyxis is a vendor agnostic association that will act as an industry unifier that is focused on maximizing the value of best practices through the integration of best practices, capabilities, and disciplines. 

With organizations heavily relying on technology and so much changing in the industry, Pyxis seeks to be a catalyst for conversation about the change needed to reach a new tipping point so the dynamics of the IT evolution can be better understood, promoted, and shared among IT organizations, business functions, professional associations, and the industry as a whole.   

Keys to Success 

The keys to success for Pyxis are as follows: 

  1. Establish a membership plan that promotes the value offered by Pyxis.
  2. Establish the Pyxis diversified product and services portfolio by providing insight and value to industry professionals and their employers.
  3. Stay ahead of industry needs and trends by continuing to refine Pyxis’ product and service offerings to lead in being an industry unifier with a focus on business acumen, best practices, industry trends, and navigating the ecosystem.
  4. Integrate new membership types to promote industry unification and promote sharing of information.