About Us

What We're All About

  • Advancing the business of IT
  • Advancing careers, standards, and performance
  • IT seeks to become a truly service-aware, business-aligned, and enterprise-facing organization. 
  • A catalyst for best practice conversations
  • Industry unifier
  • Pyxis’ product and service offerings to lead in being an industry unifier with a focus on business acumen, best practices, industry trends, and navigating the ecosystem.
  • To be the go-to resource for IT and other professionals for business acumen, best practices, career development, community learning and engagement.
  • Pyxis will aim to develop intellectual property for business acumen
  • An industry unifier that creates a sense of community and brings together the IT industry with a holistic approach
  • How to integrate best practices to achieve significant value and business outcomes.
  • A dynamic center for expanding IT value, impact, and effectiveness in support of broader business requirements
  • Enabling IT best practices, capabilities and disciplines so they are a constant part of the organization, not just a project to implement a framework
  • A catalyst for conversation about the change needed to reach a new tipping point so that the dynamics of the IT evolution can be better understood, promoted, and shared among IT organizations, related business functions, and across the industry as a whole.